Facebook-Fuelled Rave Hits Park Lane

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 107 months ago
Facebook-Fuelled Rave Hits Park Lane

Photo / DAcdp
Riot police were called to a swanky Mayfair address last night when a right old knees-up for the ages took a tilt toward the chaotic.

Lured by a notice on Facebook, over 2,000 teenagers descended on the Park Lane address for the illegal rave, filling the chintzy interiors with their teen debauchery. At about 11pm, when some larksters clambered out onto the roof of the five-storey Georgian house, police were called in to sling them out. But some revellers were unhappy to have their fun quashed at such an early hour, and responded by pelting the attendant emergency services with bottles. At the worst of it, thousands of adolescents were thronging the streets, causing traffic in the area to be shut down.

As an archetypal inspiration for a Mail screed on Broken Britain, it seldom gets better than this. That august oracle of impending doom doesn't disappoint, with a huge photo gallery documenting the destruction these feral youths wrought upon the capital. Tucked in at the bottom of said piece, a couple of salient points: police did an excellent job and were able to quell the trouble within 90 minutes, and there were no injuries recorded by the London Ambulance Service.

Last Updated 12 February 2010