Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra


Just as Londonist scaled Tower 42 today to raise money for Shelter and London's destitute, a timely and dramatic reminder of just how desperate some people are unfolded outside Londonist Towers. The main road through Peckham was closed for about two hours until the emergency services managed to coax the forlorn looking figure in our photo down. Ironically, Tower 42 is just visible in the gloaming...

In other news:

  • It's Fairtrade fortnight: watch out for strange conga chains of pink and blue ladies.
  • The proposed extension of the Victoria Line to deepest Tottenham is looking unlikely.
  • London's newest local heroes: its 'web warriors'.
  • The world's most exclusive hotel? Could it be this pop-up number that is currently touring London?
  • Harriet Harman has been twacked - or whatever it is they call Twitter hacking.
  • Stand by to be branded: the Olympic logo people are warming to their task.
  • Last Updated 25 February 2010