Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra


  • Be nice to the bus driver - or he might beat you up.
  • Ali Dizaei is set to appeal. Meet the social security scandal/single mum who's agitating the tabloids today....
  • A female playwright is to be the first to get her play staged at the Globe.
  • The Met have had to apologise after raiding a Hackney funeral.
  • Lucozade is once again to refresh the M4 - yay!
  • Pins, by DICKSDAILY via the Londonist pool.

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    "Be nice to the bus driver - or he might beat you up."

    From reading the news report behind this one, it might be clearer to advise, "Don't spit in the bus driver's face -- or he might beat you up."

    It doesn't excuse the bus driver's actions, of course. But it does explain that the provocation was a fair bit stronger than merely someone 'not being nice' to him.