Crystal Palace FC Advertised In Financial Times

Dean Nicholas
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Crystal Palace FC Advertised In Financial Times

The FT ad - see a bigger version here
For sale: stricken south London football club, recently gone into administration. One not-too careful, permatanned owner. Club is £30 million in the hole. Buyer would come into possession of: a loyal if slightly deluded fanbase; the leasehold on a rickety ground in an unfashionable part of London (true ownership of said stadium remaining a mystery); ample training facilities down Beckenham way; and projected revenues for the year of £13.8 million. Would suit masochistic businessperson who enjoys pouring his or her money away on a vanity project, with little or no return save for the opprobrium of visiting supporters. Interested parties should see p. 26 of today's Financial Times (the Companies & Markets section, if you please), for our full advertisment. Signed: P&A Partnership (administrators).

Last Updated 09 February 2010