Albert Bridge Closed To Motorists For 18 Months

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Albert Bridge Closed To Motorists For 18 Months


The original wobbly bridge, spanning the Thames between Battersea and Chelsea, closed today for maintenance work. The Albert Bridge will get a fresh road surface, a full paint job and some newly minted traffic lights while vehicles are diverted over nearby Chelsea and Battersea Bridges. The Albert has been the weakling of the Thames since its opening in 1873. The fey structure, with its pink pastels and fairy light illuminations is sometimes referred to as 'the trembling old lady'. This 18-month closure is just the latest in a never-ending series of loinal regirdings. So vulnerable is the camp crossing that it still carries signs requesting soldiers to march out of step. Its very timbers are said to be deteriorating from the constant challenge of dog piss. Although closed to motorists, the pontic hiatus will not affect pedestrians and dismounted cyclists. Image / janeslondon.

Last Updated 15 February 2010