Unusual Brunel Statue Planned For Rotherhithe

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Unusual Brunel Statue Planned For Rotherhithe

brunelstatue.jpg Plans to erect a 15 metre statue of Isambard Kingdom Brunel near the Rotherhithe tunnel have met with disdain from local residents (and probably approval as well, but disdain is much more fun to report). One of the main criticisms is that it looks, frankly, a bit daft. The design, by local blacksmith Kevin Boys, depicts the Great Briton in a stylized, ribbon-like representation, juggling a locomotive and other symbols of Victorian engineering. The effect is somewhat akin to a giant protein crystal structure rebelling against its synchrotron, or 'a stickman throwing a hula hoop', as someone more down-to-Earth put it. The £500,000 plans include landscaping and an amphitheatre to create a new open space that we'd like to dub the Rotherhithe Embouchement. A planning committee will make a decision on the scheme later this week.

Last Updated 19 January 2010


Are those Brussel Sprouts in that picture?

As I K Brunel was about five foot tall, someone is surely taking the p*ss.


the "someone more down-to-Earth" is actually the living descendant of the great man.

According the ES: Isambard Thomas, Brunel's great-great-great grandson, said: “It is too childish and much too big. It's hard to be critical of the artist — I don't know the brief he was given. But it ... resembles a stickman throwing a hula hoop.” http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/...

I can't say I hate it from what I have seen so far but 15m seems very tall!


Phase 1 opened last Sunday by the Mayor of Southwark and Simon Hughes.