Take Away Burrito Sampling at Canary Wharf's Wahaca

By tikichris Last edited 124 months ago
Take Away Burrito Sampling at Canary Wharf's Wahaca

Burrito photo by Chris Osburn

Yesterday, Londonist waddled down to Wahaca's Canary Wharf location (a newish restaurant we think rather highly of) for a session of proto-burrito sampling with a friendly crew of bloggers (did you know there's a blog dedicated solely to reviewing London's burrito scene?). Invited by the owners of this ridiculously popular Mexican eatery (it was absolutely jamming for a Sunday afternoon), we were glad to provide feedback about Wahaca's upcoming range of take-away burritos. To be on offer in March (can you stand the wait?) and sadly not available at London's other two Wahacas, these burritos to-go promise a quick and yummy lunch for the reasonable price of £5.50.

So what'd we think of these development phase parcels of Latin tastiness? We thoroughly enjoyed each one we tried, but were most impressed with the char-grilled steak burrito with chipotle salsa and grilled spring onions. We also discovered a new gastro joy: chipotle butter. A bit of tweaking may still be in order, if only to ensure these newbie menu items make the transition from damn fine to superbly delicious. But judging from our experience yesterday, we're confident the folks at Wahaca will do their best to ensure their take away burritos stay as fresh, affordable and authentic as possible.

Last Updated 11 January 2010