Slow Down With Slow Club In 2010

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Slow Down With Slow Club In 2010

By kujunu
2009 saw the launch of Slow Down London, a movement to encourage us all to hang back, chill out, breathe deeply and take a better, longer look at this mad city we inhabit. The theme inspired our first photography competition and you contributed a whole host of slow inspired images to Slow Exposure. During a spring slow festival there was a mildly controversial rush hour stroll and a series of talks, workshops and activities designed to promote the slow concept.

We've continued to give you tips on keeping slow in your life but, seemingly, the movement went quiet. And here's why - they were planning Slow Club for 2010 (they took their time, naturally.)

It's an 8 week course to help people incorporate slow into their lives. Participants will get an email every week with slow tips, slow tasks and invitations to slow adventures. They will be asked to reflect on their slow experiences. Gentle slow club meetings over a properly infused cup of slow tea and some online places to share the trials and pleasures of slowing down with like minded, pace-challenged types will provide support and feedback. At the end of it all, the aim is for a "new, deeper appreciation of your life and London".

If you're making new year's resolutions about making more time for the things that are important to you or finding more balance in your life perhaps Slow Club could help. At just £20 (£10 conc) it won't cost a lot to find out.

Slow Club launches on 18th January for 8 weeks. Email to register your interest.

Last Updated 04 January 2010