Review: London Short Film Festival Launch Party and Late Night Screening

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Review: London Short Film Festival Launch Party and Late Night Screening


The temperature might of dropped below zero on Friday, but the London Short Film Festival launch party and screenings was still a hot ticket event. The ICA was taken over by filmmakers, art school hipsters, and enthusiasts of short films ready to kick back a few, and see a night of independent filmmaking.

The programme began with an introduction from the Philip Ilson, Co-Founder of the LSFF. Acknowledging that 28 shorts might be a long programme, he said, “If you don’t like one film, it won’t be long before the next one comes along.” And so they did, one by one, the best of the bunch included Grade A Cheat, a youth swaggering to Bob Dylan as he prepares to cheat on his GCSEs; The Day the Robots Woke Up, a short about automatons taking over the workforce; and the superb and original Paul and the Badger Pt. 1, a retro-style film about a toy badger and his quirky human friend.

As the night ended, the best flick, as judged by the Hamburg Short Film Festival, was announced. Paintbrush: the Epitaph, about a man who dies but lives on in a social-networking website, earns a plae at the HSFF later on this year.

There's still a week until the LSFF comes to an end, with multimedia events, late night screenings, training days, live bands, and karaoke scheduled to bring a little cheer to our winter malaise.

London Short Film Festival, January 8-17th, venues across London

By Abby Chau

Last Updated 11 January 2010