Preview: Align @ Bridewell Theatre

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Preview: Align @ Bridewell Theatre

align.jpg Next Friday The Bridewell Theatre invites you to a witness a psychogeographical tour through London, in a show which seeks to unearth the secrets hidden beneath its urban underskirts that the creators have furtled through the city for and kindly brought together in Align, to save you the schlep.

The multimedia performance explores themes of imperialism, hope, exploitation and idealism, immersing you in investigations ranging in scope from prehistory to the present and even the future, since "history is a process, of which you are an end product. And history isn't finished with you yet". Even the location has been chosen for its relation to the subject, which will force you to reconsider the London you face on a daily basis. And there will be fun.

They promise us.

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22 January 2010, 7.30pm, Bridewell Theatre, Fleet Street, London, EC4 8EQ. Tickets £7.50. Booking: 020 7353 3331 or

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