Populist: 10-16 January

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Populist: 10-16 January

The week's most popular posts, and a round-up of what's happening around London

In the news:

It's official. The Northern Line lines are parting ways (for rush hour, at least)
  • Bikers got the hump over a new £1 a day parking fee
  • Marvel at Haringey's black and white telly licence holders
  • Don't miss the crucifixion of Jesus Christ this April
  • Calculate your chances of finding love with this handy formula or go out and try meeting someone.
  • Pay attention: here's how to spot a terrorist on the tube
  • Join in the Olympic poo chat
  • Consider Boris' 100 diverse achievements and puzzle at his nomination as best mayor in the world

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    Around town:

    Nosey around Nido's student skycraper Enjoy our Legally Blonde review and appreciate Sheridan Smith's "star quality"
  • For the diary: the first Himalayan Film and Cultural Festival was announced
  • Take a tipple at the Cork and Bottle or try one of these top ten pubs
  • Beware the terrapins

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    Comment of the week:

    Regarding our Mayor's "achievements" from SimonC:

    I was fascinated to learn from this list that Christmas hadn't been officially marked in London for some unspecified period before Boris "brought it back" (#26).

    Last Updated 16 January 2010