Poo Power To The Rescue?

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 106 months ago
Poo Power To The Rescue?

Image / WowtheWorld
Instead of widening the pipes so the Olympic site doesn't get buried in crap, perhaps the Games could be poo-powered instead? Thames Water have been talking to the BBC about how they power the Beckton sewage treatment plant - 14% of it comes from burning "poo cakes" or methane, all created from what we flush away, saving the company £15m last year. The same amount of slurry could power 10,000 homes, and with the country's reliance on overseas gas back in the headlines, perhaps we should be looking towards these pioneering recyclers? (Another fun fact: the fat from "toilet sludge" could be used to make lipsticks, but will probably go for fertiliser. We can't imagine even the best marketing campaign in the world successfully shifting shitsticks.)

Last Updated 15 January 2010