First 3D Football Match To Be Broadcast... But Where?

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 106 months ago
First 3D Football Match To Be Broadcast... But Where?

2901_emirates.jpg 2.30pm update: A website called, appropriately enough, Sky 3D, has posted what it purports is the list of pubs that will be showing the game. Note: purports is the key word here, people — we've got no real idea if the list is legit or not.

According to the site, the London pubs are Bar Kick in Shoreditch, The George near Liverpool Street station, the Elk Bar in Fulham, and Sirocco in Shaftesbury Avenue.

If we get any proper confirmation on this, or in fact learn that it's utter nonsense, we'll let you know.

Original article:

This Sunday's heavyweight clash between Arsenal and Manchester United at the Emirates will be screened in 3D at a select few venues, as part of a trial run of the technology by Sky TV. But they're keeping tight-lipped about where you can watch it.

Nine pubs around the country, including at least one in London, will be hosting the trial, which will be screened on 47-inch TVs and broadcast using entirely separate camera and commentary teams. However, Sky are not revealing which pubs have been chosen, in order to "avoid a stampede to see the game which might ruin the experience for the regulars". How thoughtful of them. It would also help keep things under wraps should the glorious experiment prove unpopular with fans who usually see things in 3D anyway after that third pint of lager top.

This blog, run by the manufacturer that supplied the television screens, promises to "post the names and locations of the pubs taking part" when they know, but as a corporate site they might be subject to the Murdoch gang's omerta. Various other speculative suggestions are doing the rounds, but we haven't yet come across much in the way of concrete evidence.

If you've got an inside line on which pub(s) are showing the game, drop a note in the comments or email londonist (AT) We'll update this post with any information that comes our way, and of course, any sources out of Sky's west London HQ will be cited anonymously.

Last Updated 29 January 2010