Get Divorced, Get Gifts!

By Lindsey Last edited 106 months ago
Get Divorced, Get Gifts!

On this allegedly inauspicious day of the year, Debenhams hope to ride a retail wave of freshly broken marriages by launching their divorce gift list service, aimed at the newly single.

Alongside those items that most married couples only have one of (toasters, bits of crockery etc) the Guardian suggests that big sellers are likely to be "non-iron shirts, large plasma screen TVs and computer games". We suggest that receiving such gifts from your family might confirm you're a hopeless twonk, who can't look after themself and with little prospect of a fulfilling social life to look forward to. Not the best start to unwedded bliss.

We'd much rather splash our cash on a night out, consoling, commiserating or celebrating - whichever's appropriate - as we would for our unmarried friends whose relationships don't work out. Presents when you get married and then more when you split up? What a terrible idea.

Last Updated 18 January 2010