Victoria Screeches

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Victoria Screeches

ghosttrain.jpg Get the WD40 out, Westminster. Residents in housing developments looking onto the 10 mainline tracks of Victoria Station are fed up of trains "screeching" on dry tracks at all hours. If we hadn't been at Willesden Junction yesterday afternoon, subjected to a sustained screeching from a slow moving train, we might be less sympathetic but we know what they're complaining about. A whole host of platform waiting passengers put hands to ears and winced for a full 2 minutes, the transport equivalent of sharp nails down a blackboard. Ow. Of course, if you choose to live near a major transport hub you can't complain when you hear trains but this ain't your average chugging along. Lube those tracks up and spare our eardrums please. (Image / Simon Crubellier)

Last Updated 03 December 2009


It was pretty bad at the Camden Parkway bridge for a couple of weeks but it seems to have subsided now.

Who to complain to?

John B

I'm assuming said whinging residents have all lived within earshot of the station since it was built?


If you read the BBC story the problem is caused by overheating in the flats leading to people opening doors and windows!

Presumably, there'll be some respite for the poor souls with the winter weather we're having?