Time Bomb Installed At Royal Academy

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Time Bomb Installed At Royal Academy


There's a bomb in 6 Burlington Gardens. A tiny golden baubel-shaped bomb. It bears more than a passing likeness to the holy hand grenade of Antioch. But this is a real bomb and not a stage prop. The device is said to be perfectly safe, at least for the next 99.99 years. The timer inside will detonate a small packet of explosives a century from now, resulting in the ultimate pop art. The cleverly calculated PR magnet work by Kris Martin forms part of a new exhibition at the Royal Academy, which begins on Thursday and goes by the staggeringly cumbersome title of GSK Contamporary, Earth - Art of a Changing World. The holy handgrenade golden bomblet is one of many works about climate change, and signifies 'the passing of time and the sense of a need to do something in the time that is left'.

Last Updated 02 December 2009