Santa's Lap: Graffiti Lessons

By Lindsey Last edited 109 months ago
Santa's Lap: Graffiti Lessons

Every day until Christmas the Londonist team will be pointing you in the direction of a Christmas present that (with a bit of luck) you won't already have on your list. Climb up onto our collective lap and we'll see what we can move from our sack to your stockings...

There's no denying that the concept of 'graffiti lessons' is a bit skewy. Street art is by its nature, illegitimate. It's a guerilla activity undertaken under cover of dark, hood up, spraying public walls with distinctive tags, stencils and images. It's a transient art form that will most likely be covered up by a disapproving Council at some point. But the boom in the popularity of graffiti art has seen public spaces given over to the spray can wielders, along the Southbank and at Leake Street. Shop keepers invite local kids along to decorate their security grilles and graf is increasingly the subject of mainstream exhibitions. So, how do you get started if you're not allowed out after dark, don't want to get in trouble with the police or have no idea how to hold a spray can? Artist, Andy Seize, who did his first piece on the Popham Estate in Islington, is here to help.

Running lessons for adults and children, both 1 hour tasters and longer intensive sessions, your aspiring graf artist will learn how to hold the can, fill in letters, do outlines and other techniques from an expert. They promise to give equip participants with the confidence 'to practice at home' so we suggest if you're buying this gift for a loved one there's a patch of old wall somewhere out back.

Graffiti lessons start at £55 for adults and £35 for kids. Your work will be immortalised in a photo and posted on their website. No experience necessary.

Last Updated 14 December 2009