Sandwichist - Foie Gras and Duck Leg Sandwich from the Dorchester Grill

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Sandwichist - Foie Gras and Duck Leg Sandwich from the Dorchester Grill

Duck and Foie Gras Sandwich
Duck and Foie Gras Sandwich from the Dorchester Grill

In search of London’s best sandwich since sliced bread

What’s big, dry, golden brown and not worth eating? No, not the Sahara. The correct answer is turkey. Now you wouldn’t want to eat a desert, so why do we all hanker after turkey in December? The festive period should be a time of indulgence. Of gluttony. Of treating yourself and others. So rather than review a turkey sandwich like we did last year, we’ve got a decadent December treat for you.

The Dorchester Grill’s duck leg and foie gras sandwich is thing of beauty. It couldn’t be richer, even if it robbed a Russian oligarch and coated itself in gold leaf. It’s so out of kilter with the current economic climate that it could easily feature in a Matt cartoon poking fun at a greedy RBS banker. So it’s ideal for December.

Brian Hughson, the Head Chef at the Dorchester Grill, explained that it originally featured on their menu as part of a larger dish. But it was so popular in its own right that it has been elevated to iconic status on their menu as a starter. And rightly so.

It looks, deceptively, like a luxurious chocolate mille feuille surrounded by a dark fruit coulis. But it’s a lot more masculine than that. Thin crispy layers of dried gingerbread sandwich two layers of warm, golden, foie gras and unctuous duck leg confit. As you cut through it the strata slide and aromas of opulence erupt. The crunch of the gingerbread, silkiness of the foie gras and texture of the duck leg combine with the sharp spike of the blackcurrant sauce to create a unique sandwich experience. The metallic watercress compliments to the liver perfectly, as well as making you feel more healthy.

There is no denying that at £14.50 (without service or any other courses), it’s a pricey sandwich. But in our opinion it’s worth every penny. It’s definitely the most opulent sandwich we’ve ever had and the ideal Christmas treat.

The Dorchester Hotel, Park Lane, Mayfair, W1K 1QA

Last Updated 15 December 2009