Sandwichist – Festive Roast Turkey Sandwich from Fuzzy’s Grub, St. James’s

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Sandwichist – Festive Roast Turkey Sandwich from Fuzzy’s Grub, St. James’s

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In search of London’s best sandwich since sliced bread

Christmas is approaching and turkey is back on the menu. Boring, dry and bland it may be, but that’s not going to put us off finding the most iconic, festive, turkey sandwich that London has to offer.

We’ve been hearing rave reviews for a while now (and visited them for lunch in 2007) extolling the virtues of an establishment that does something truly ridiculous – at Fuzzy's Grub they squeeze an entire roast dinner between two slices of bread and people actually buy them for lunch. Mental.

It would have been rude not to investigate. Upon arrival they started preparing their psychopathically large roast turkey sandwich. Watching them smother one half of the bap with dense stuffing and the other side with sweet, sticky cranberry sauce we began to get a bit worried. We hadn’t prepared ourselves physically or mentally for the challenge ahead.

A spreading of peas gave way to a structural layer of carrots. But alas – no sprouts! Quickly dismissing the sprout issue we watched with eyes on stalks as several large roast potatoes were squished down and positioned below a shelf of Yorkshire pudding. Already feeling quite exhausted and getting a bit nervous we breathed a sigh of relief as the final solid layer was added. The turkey had been hand carved and whilst it looked pretty dry the generous slug of gravy that marked the sandwich’s completion helped to bring it to life.

The bread performed well – like a corset – straining to keep all the fun stuff in check, even though a few carrots, peas and a stray Yorkshire pudding did go flying! It literally tasted like an old school Christmas lunch reformatted into a sandwich. Except instead of bread sauce, you get it in its pre-sauce state. Which is lucky.

There are 2 serious flaws with this sandwich. One – no Brussels sprouts. Two – what on earth are Yorkshire puddings doing in here?

But if you are judging it based on the effects of Christmas lunch then it was perfect… we felt sluggish, stuffed, windy and very lethargic with a massive thirst for a lunchtime glass of port.

Merry Christmist

Fuzzy’s Grub, 6 Crown Passage, London SW1Y 6PP

Last Updated 10 December 2008