London Is Top City For Vegetarians

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London Is Top City For Vegetarians


People for the Ethical treatment of Animals (Peta) have named our fair city as the top place for a meat-free meal. London, with its huge range of international cuisine, beat other major cities such as New York, Melbourne and Mumbai. For some reason, however, PETA don't say how they arrived at the decision, so we're at a loss to know whether the accolade is ours for measurable reasons, or merely by way of a subjective or calculated panel decision. Facts not opinions, fellahs, or it's hard to know whether we can trust what you say when it comes to the serious aspects of animal treatment. Nobody can deny, though, that London is admirably stocked with veggie dining opportunities. PETA have put together a decent summary of some of their (and our) faves.

Last Updated 07 December 2009