Launch Date Fixed For New London Freesheet

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 111 months ago
Launch Date Fixed For New London Freesheet

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The London Weekly, storming into the Bliztkrieged freesheet battlefield like a medieval knight at the Battle of Hamburger Hill, has been given a launch date of February 1st. The paper's website is expected to go live later in December. According to the Guardian, publisher Global Publishing Group have raised £10.5 million for the launch, and will distribute 250,000 copies on Fridays and Saturdays outside Tube and train stations. Savings will be made by scrimping on journalism: an editorial drone has revealed that the paper will be "interactive", with 30% of each edition made up of that 2005-era byword for barrel-scraped flller material, user-generated content. Expect moggy monologues, cat capers, and kitty kismets.

Last Updated 02 December 2009