Knievel To Jump 16 Buses In London

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Knievel To Jump 16 Buses In London


Like a good old-fashioned craftsman, Robbie Knievel plies the same trade as his late father, Evel: leaping over preposterous hazards on a motorbike. His career in death defiance brings him to London on 22 May 2010 to tackle the same stunt that nearly killed his dad. Robbie will launch his bike over 16 double decker buses, three more than pops managed during his 1975 attempt at Wembley. That effort ended...well, see for yourself. The BBC say the spectacle will take place at Wembley, although the press release lists no location. The attempt will come a year after rival rider Robbie Maddison leaped across Tower Bridge, and 10 years before an attention-seeking rocket-biker attempts to launch up the Cheesegrater tower before landing on, and spiraling down, the Helter-skelter. Well, it looks possible to us.

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