City Student Accommodation Costs £300 A Week

Dean Nicholas
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City Student Accommodation Costs £300 A Week

0312_nido.jpg The unsightly Nido Spitalfields, the 33-story student tower block in the City, has a cost as unappealing as its profile: tenants will be expected to pay up to £300 per week in rent, with the cheapest rooms (or "cubes" as they're described) scarcely any more of a bargain at £245 a week. Now, it's a long time since Londonist was an awkward, spotty teen lurking around a Freshers' Fair, but £1,200 a month is an immense figure for a student, especially when you consider that, for the price, you could easily rent a one- or two-bedroom flat. Owner Blackstone plans to entice the concerned parents of foreign students into forking over the cash, trading their pounds for peace of mind that their offspring can live in trendy Spitalfields without having to actually deal with any of the real-world issues that the area faces. If you're a parent of modest means worried about finding your child a place to live in at university, this won't be much comfort. Nido Spitalfields, which will house 1,200 students, opens next year. (Image /

Last Updated 03 December 2009


I guess there must have been some ugly hangovers the morning after when the TH councilors woke up and remembered they approved this...

I'll be very impressed if people are really willing to pay this, but it's more a symptom of the rubbish that students in London have to deal with - our stupid tenancy system, burglery, rip off landlords, twisted estate agents and poor accommodation.

Each year it was an arse as one landlord put up rent and we went searching again for anywhere half decent... If you don't know London, and worse, don't have a good command of english - it'd be a real struggle.

John B

I rather like the building - it sits with Strata and the Royal London as the kind of pretty, asymmetric-clad block moving away from 60s/70s grey and 80s/90s plain glass to have much more fun with the concept of Skyscraper.

However, was struggling to work out how the hell they were expecting to make money by building student halls on the fringes of the City - £300pw flats seemed more like the payback number. Foreign students with rich daddies makes sense.

(for parents of modest means, it ought to have a slight downwards effect on prices of lower-spec accommodation in less fashionable places, as the richer, more fleece-able foreign students stop driving prices up...)