Circle Line Not So "New" or "Improved" (A Passenger's Lament)

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Circle Line Not So "New" or "Improved" (A Passenger's Lament)

circle line1.jpg Dear Circle Line,

You promised you'd change, you did. You told us you'd be 'new' and 'improved', that we wouldn't have to wait so long between trains, and that we could rely on you from now on. But here we are, stuck at Edgware Road, and all we can see is that the next Circle Line train will come in approximately 17 minutes. We knew we'd have to switch here, but it's cold, and we'd just like nothing more than to see you again.

7 of your trains used to come every hour, but now you can only deliver 6, which means that 900 fewer of us per hour get a much needed ride to King's Cross. You tell us that the reduced number of trains won't matter, that a regular service will be easier to maintain, but how can we trust you?

And you go to Hammersmith? You used to be shaped like a bottle of gin, one which we could travel around in either a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction, but now you've adopted a 'lasso'-like extension and we just don't recognise you as the circle you used to sort of resemble. We know, you didn't reform until Sunday, but stopping three times between South Ken. and Edgware Road? This is the Some trains just never change.

Are we over? Not yet, but it's definitely complicated.

-Hopeless at Edgware Road (Image/annie_mole)

Last Updated 16 December 2009