Careless Cylists To Be Handed Spot-Fines

Dean Nicholas
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Careless Cylists To Be Handed Spot-Fines

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Pedal pushers who flout the rules of the road will be slapped with £30 spot fines, under plans by Westminster council. The growing number of "Lycra louts", as they are alliteratively known, who cut across red lights, bob and weave through dense throngs of pedestrians, and behave with a blithe sense of their own superiority and righteousness, will be monitored by Westminster's armada of enforcers who regulate licensing, noise and waste. The council claims that, of the 30,000 cyclists who prowl the borough daily, 20% break the Highway Code, and although the onus to enforce the laws remains with the police, justice is seldom done. But is getting a bunch of untrained people to monitor the situation and dole out punishments the best way to solve the problem?

Last Updated 07 December 2009


No. It's gonna be chaos. There will be blood.

How about we all just get where we're going and as long as no-one dies we can do what we want? Didn't Boris say he'd get rid of the traffic lights or something?


Good idea, although cycles are not licensed and no test is needed for the rider/driver this doesn't mean that the usual rules of the road don't apply.

A number of times I've seen cyclists fail to stop at lights or pedestrian cosssings often ending in a crash with a car or pedestrian