Boy George Begs For Big Brother

By Lindsey Last edited 110 months ago
Boy George Begs For Big Brother

BBeye.jpg The latest slurry of celebrity reality TV will come to a climactic close with the final Celebrity Big Brother starting on 3 January. The theme tune has been orchestrated and the eye is on fire but the line up's not so secret.

George O'Dowd, AKA Boy George - no longer "a man without conviction" - has hit the news appealing against London Probation's decision not to let him participate in the show. O'Dowd is still under licence and electronically tagged following his "false imprisonment" of a male escort in 2007. The appeal will be heard next week and we assume that his lawyer will make good use of the fact that should he enter the BB house, probation officers will be able to keep a very close eye on him indeed.

Lady "Love Me or Hate Me" Sovereign is allegedly all signed up and it wouldn't be the first time Peter Andre has used reality TV to perk up his "career". It seems feasible that "Pamto" Anderson might hang around town long enough to be perved on 24/7 too. As for the more speculative others, Holy Moly's rooting for an unholy trinity of Lindsay Lohan, Courtney Love and Jedward to let the dead horse leave our screens well and truly flogged.

Our tuppence ha'penny is get Mandy in there and see if he really can win votes.

Last Updated 21 December 2009