Another Ugly Student Tower Block Planned

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 107 months ago
Another Ugly Student Tower Block Planned


Denizens of N7, avert your eyes, for this hulking monstrosity could soon be blighting the view of your neighbourhood every time your gaze strays above the horizon.

Positioned just next to Arsenal's Emirates stadium, the beast is a proposed student housing block for London Metropolitan University, which you'd have thought was content with already owning just the single controversial building. With a design ethos that seems to have lifted the cladding and colour scheme from Pyongyang's unfinished Ryugyong Hotel, it seems reflective of a didactic Communist-era mindset and is hardly the ideal place for students to rest their weary heads. As people flock from around the world to take advantage of London's pedagogical prowess, it seems we're thanking them by building some of the ugliest (not to mention expensive) student accommodation imaginable.

The architect, CZWG, earned planning permission back in June for a student development in nearby Finsbury Park, one far more pleasing to the eye. Quite why they felt the need to go all North Korean on us is a mystery.

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Last Updated 22 December 2009