The Following Summer Shower Is Brought To You By...

Dean Nicholas
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The Following Summer Shower Is Brought To You By...

Image / Martin Deutsch
Those soothsayers of the squall at the Met Office have been named as the "official weather supplier" for the 2012 Olympics. According to a press release, the Office will "[provide] expertise, forecasts and data" leading up to and during the Games, and their knowhow will be used to plan out the staging of weather-affected sports like tennis and rowing. This will be the same Met Office who triumphantly announced a barbecue summer in April of this year, then backtracked in July after a spell of heavy rain, before a strech of glorious weather in September and October that the weather wizards and barometric brainiacs failed to predict. Our own forecast: sales of sou'westers will be at record levels come summer 2012.

Last Updated 06 November 2009


Wonder who else was in the running - Mystic Meg?


Lol yeah. And she probably hade her crystal ball with her.