Is It Raining? We Hadn't Noticed

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 105 months ago
Is It Raining? We Hadn't Noticed

The downpour that drenched London this afternoon has played havoc with the transport network. Ominous rumbles of thunder and attendant arcs of lightning exploded into torrents of precipitation just as rush hour rolled around, leading to predictable calamity for the homeward bound. Flash floods saw Hyde Park Corner, Victoria, and Green Park stations closed, while the Bakerloo line was giving Edgware Road a miss as a result. An undercurrent of bubbling Tweets suggested that Victoria was due to re-open at 7.30pm, with some reports saying everything but the District and Circle lines were back in business, but that's not confirmed yet. Update: all stations have now fully re-opened. To anybody who claimed about being too hot in that glorious heatwave we sweated through last week: we blame you. Any entertaining homeward bound-stories, acts of random kindness, tango-dancing in the rain, or stories of vile commuters behaving badly, are welcome in the comments.

Last Updated 07 July 2009


I am amused in an exasperated kind of way that last week's temperatures of a whole 30 degrees resulted in a weather warning and so did the thunderstorms that followed. Warning: some weather may occur.


I was walking to Marble Arch tube just after the hail stopped. It was amazing. MA tube was queueing to get in as people tried to get underground out of the 'weather'. There were dozens of tourists in those News America and Big Bus Tour plastic bag ponchos looking bewildered.


The rain still hasn't got me! Ha ha! And I don't even own an umbrella.

(Okay, I know I've jinxed my self for later now.)