Queen Mary Pub-Boat Towed Away

Dean Nicholas
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Queen Mary Pub-Boat Towed Away

1011_embankment.jpg Over the weekend, the Queen Mary, a pleasure boat-cum-pub that has been moored at the Victoria Embankment since the Seventies, was towed downriver toward Tilbury and, eventually, a new life in France. The Thirties-vintage ship, the scene over the past three decades of many a booze-soaked session (not forgetting the odd Londonist meet-up), is in need of considerable repair, so the decision was made to sell it to our Gallic cousins, who'll turn it into a fitness centre and restaurant. The space vacated by the vessel will in turn allow a new Savoy Pier to flourish. The existing, unremarkable pier will be dismantled, and a new structure built, serving a local cruise company and the Savoy hotel itself. The Beeb has a great collection of pictures showing the ship and the pier through the years. (Image / Agnieszka Piatkowska).

Last Updated 10 November 2009

Justin Roberts

Was that not "towed downriver"?


I watched it get towed under the millennium bridge yesterday. Three tow boats guiding it slowly away at funeral walking pace.
I don't think it will be missed though. It looked sadly neglected. Plants growing out the sides, old Corona cases strewn on the desk. Like the back yard of a cheap boozer.
Good job we flogged it to the French!