Preview : Underground Dating

By Ruth Last edited 110 months ago
Preview : Underground Dating

rambling PREview.jpg Huntin' shootin' fishin' - all great, manly sports. When it comes to shooting fish in a barrel, though, you're not so hot. In London, where the dating game can be such a hard and fruitless slog, we would have thought that the more cunning amongst you guys would jump at the chance to spend an evening surrounded by the savviest of this city's single ladies, at a secret underground restaurant in Camden at the beginning of next month.

All the ladies' places have been already been snapped up by those who've sniffed out a deal in the delicious three course menu on offer from the Rambling Restaurant, which is easily one of the citys most innovative and continually intriguing secret supper clubs. So do you want to meet the kind of women who have their finger on the pulse of such illicit goings on? Well get your tickets before the rest of the competition finds out.

Rambling Restaurants singles night is running on the 3rd and 4th December - tickets available here

Last Updated 23 November 2009