Preview: Shred Yr Face 3 tour @ ULU

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Last Updated 13 November 2009

Preview: Shred Yr Face 3 tour @ ULU

shredgreen.jpg This time round, next Friday's Shred Yr Face tour takes on a calmer hue (previous acts included Fucked Up and The Bronx) with an evening of psych-folk, chamber pop and all that jazz (there is to be no jazz, by the way. A figure of speech you see).

This time around the Cave Singers and Brooklyn's Woods offer support to Espers at the University of London's Union on November 20th. It might be a case of the bridesmaid outstripping the bride, as the relatively lightweight Espers are preceded by the sublime Cave Singers. Fronted by the extraordinarily voiced Pete Quirk, campfire warmth, harmonies and joyous refrains mesh together in an echoing mountain-singing fashion. To be fair to Espers, they have some stronger moments that might come across well live amongst the romance of a darkened room, and Woods provide a strong psychedelic feeling to the evening. However, it'd be worth heading out to see the Cave Singers alone. Even if the gig was in Brighton. Or Ayrshire. Or Sydney.

The Shred Yr Face 3 tour is on Friday 20th November. All bands play instore gigs in London that day - follow @shredyrface3 to find out more.

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