Police Premium Petrol Prohibition

By BethPH Last edited 112 months ago
Police Premium Petrol Prohibition

police car.jpg The Met have banned police drivers from using super unleaded petrol in an attempt to cut costs. According to Which? Magazine, super fuels offer no discernible benefit, a claim hotly (and unsurprisingly) disputed by petrol providers intent on maintaining their profits. Cheaper supermarket fuel is on the menu for the Met and along with their recently-launched hybrid cars, it looks like Sainsbury's could be the one-stop shop for doughnuts, petrol and electricity. Cost of transport appears to be worrying the boys in blue, so much so that some virtual courts are planned which will eliminate the expense of transporting ne'er-do-wells to court. We eagerly await the announcement of skateboard police patrols.

Photo by Andy Wilkes

Last Updated 09 November 2009