5 Stars For East End Boozer Loos

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5 Stars For East End Boozer Loos

Congratulations also to Regents Park loos, thanks to Marco di Pisa
The East London Advertiser brings us pun filled news that the Goodman's Fields pub in Aldgate has received the highest rating in the Loo of the Year Awards' good loo guide. Wetherspoon pubs aren't normally renowned for much more than cheap booze, peculiarly joyless 'real ale festivals' and 2 for a fiver lunch deals so good on the Goodman's Fields for standing out with its high standards of hygiene and plentiful supplies of toilet paper.

The 2009 awards ceremony takes place in December after which we hope the Loo website will be updated with this year's best places to pee. However, checking out the 5 star rating awards 2008, we note that, bar 3 independent pubs, only Wetherspoon pubs attained this level of goodness much as MacDonalds monopolises the '5 star' fast food category, so we're left wondering about exactly who's nominating and who's inspecting these places. Perhaps you'd like to nominate a lavvy for the 2010 awards to redress this imbalance? If there was a bog brush award for the most heinous public lavatory we'd certainly have a few horror stories to share - make our day by sharing yours in the comments: filth, stench, floods and all.

We'd also love to hear from anyone in possession of a copy of the 1968 Good Loo Guide: Where to Go in London by Jonathan Routh

Last Updated 11 November 2009


Well, I still love the Foundry toilets simply due to the quality of the graffiti in there. Including the classic "dear baby jesus I know you don't do this sort of thing, but please make cardiff city lose this weekend" and the entertainingly w*nky over-intellectual stuff like the comment added to a 'kelly and etc were here on etc': "thus highlighting the transient nature of reality.

Doubt they will actually be there through much of 2010 due to it being knocked down.


I do absolutely love the fact that Loos can receive awards for being clean.

Have been scratching my head for toilet puns....
"One small plop for man, one giant leak for mankind"



After the Londonist 5th birthday party a few of us went on for an ill advised late drink at the Light Bar. I'm reliably informed by one of the gents in our group that there was a poo on the floor of the male lavs. What makes it worse is that there was a toilet attendant punting aftershave etc there as well.