London From Above...In Panorama

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London From Above...In Panorama


Ever wanted to view London from the eyes of a pigeon (without all the diseases, gnarled claws, torn feathers and stuff)? Well, you've been able to do so for years thanks to Google Earth and similar software. But here's a neat little variation. Some of the capital's most familiar sites, from above, in dynamic panorama. You can't appreciate the giddy global glide from a still image, so go have a play.

The site has been put together by Tom Mills and includes the Dome, the Olympic Park, Tower Bridge and several others. We particularly like the Regent's Park section. Not only does it show the full majesty of this most glorious of parks, but it's also historically apposite. Down there in the south-east corner once stood the Coliseum building, which housed a famous painted panorama of London in Victorian times.

Last Updated 09 November 2009