Extra, Extra: Who Ordered That Rain? Edition

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Extra, Extra: Who Ordered That Rain? Edition


  • Man breaks record for pulling bus with hair. Presumably now has more room on top.
  • Pens at the ready, punning tabloid headline writers, as Harry Potter star denies smoking cannabis at a London party.
  • Cabbies angry at bus lane misuse start taking pictures.
  • Farewell London Lite, we hardly knew you, nor ever really wanted to.
  • Tonight's ES Magazine almost has a couple of interesting pages in it. Almost.
  • Image courtesy of M4r00n3d via the Londonist flickr group.

    Last Updated 13 November 2009


    hmm pulling a bus with his hair.. I can remember using my sisters Cindy doll with it's retractable hair to pull a toy truck as my action man didn't have any hair, just painted on. That certainly gave the doll the appearance of my action man, I ulled all the hair out leaving a bald Sindy !! sister was not impressed and neither was my backside after mum found out. I was 8 at the time.