Duck House On The Thames

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Duck House On The Thames

A 10ft duck house was floated past the Houses of Parliament yesterday afternoon by Vote for a Change.

With Westminster still grappling with the fallout from the expenses crisis and MPs griping about Sir Christopher Kelly's expenses recommendations, the attention grabbing plan was for grand conflagration outside the Commons' waterside terrace both as an alternative Bonfire Night tribute and a vivid reminder of the absurd abuses so publicly aired in the press this summer. We assume the health and safety bots put paid to the 'bonfire of the vanities' but sent photographer Daniel Lewis along for the float to get these great shots of the 'you can't duck change' protest.

The ‘Vote for a Change’ campaign is leading the call for a referendum on the voting system in the wake of the expenses crisis.

Photography by Daniel Lewis

Last Updated 06 November 2009


Please, yes- this must be the greatest opportunity, since Charles Dickens time, to uproot and change things- we haven't evolved too badly (despite all we know isn't brilliant)! So let's go hard at it.Question voting, party system, banking, environment, church et al.


Vote for Change are asking for a referendum on the voting system...

They arn't suggesting how that should be done, what should be offered, or interesting - what voting system should be used to choose a new voting system... Perhaps we could have a referendum to decide?


Yawn. A change in voting system wont do anything, except give minority parties, like the BNP, more legitimacy and the ability to broker power in a future Government. Most alternatives also remove or weaken the link between MPs and their constituencies.

Whilst this might solve the second homes issues by allowing MPs to spend all their time in London and be chosen by the party hierarchy so not have to convince local people to pick them, and never go to the area they notionally represent. I don't think that would make for a better democracy.


Oh, that's what it was. I saw it going under Waterloo Bridge, but the banner had come off and was trailing in the water.

We shouldn't let the BNP scare us away from electoral reform. They're small enough to be easily filtered out by a minimum vote requirement, which has long formed part of many proposals anyway.