Weekend Round-Up

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Weekend Round-Up

Image by Malcolm Edwards via the Londonist pool

Here's what we've learned this weekend whilst you've been trying to have an extra hour clubbing AND an extra hour in bed....

  • Bad bits first: there's been a double murder in Deptford...
  • ..whilst a casino entrepreneur has been arrested in connection with the murder of his wife.
  • Out East there's been a shooting in Newham...
  • ...and a heavy duty street fight in East Ham.
  • Voicing opinions: Paddick speaks out on plans to arm patrol police....
  • ...whilst York seems to take after Edinburgh: Prince Andrew has defended banking bonuses.
  • Like that'll work: London councils plan to stop kids buying flour and eggs for Hallowe'en pranks.
  • Don't s'pose this will either: the Stop the War Coalition coalesced yesterday to call for an end to the war in Afghanistan.
  • In the meantime veterans in London have marked Trafalgar Day and commemorated D-Day.
  • Plans have been mooted for a permanent memorial to the 2012 games.
  • Last Updated 25 October 2009