Trick Or Treat: The Dark Side

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 112 months ago
Trick Or Treat: The Dark Side

Image / Toby Ord
Marylebone dwellers, best lock your doors and switch off the lights this Saturday: seems a ruthless gang of trick-or-treaters are using the seasonal excuse to don masks and demand prezzies as a license to commit ill. A group of eight youths entered the Union Cafe on Marylebone Lane this week, abusing customers and staff and attempting to pinch diners' mobile phones, according to management. The small army of under-10s were chased outside, where it became apparent that they were merely the acolytes of a coterie of teenaged overseers. According to a local landlord, it's a common problem in the area at Halloween: they descend en masse with their masks and costumes, take whatever they can get their paws on, and "don't take no for an answer".

Last Updated 30 October 2009