Urban Foodie - The Modern Guide To Urban Eating

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Urban Foodie - The Modern Guide To Urban Eating

mia.jpg Urban Foodie is a lifelong dream of Mia Spencers’ and, being of both web design and foodie persuasion, she has the perfect credentials to inspire and guide city dwellers in the art of eating real food every day.

Having written a blog for the last year or so, it wasn’t until she started studying for her Masters in web design that the opportunity really came along for it to shift up a few gears and become the fully fledged foodie hub it now is. With four people on the team, the Urban Foodie website has developed into a valuable community resource for urbanites who love real food but who are stretched for time and ideas. Planning a meal has never been simpler!

With their ‘eat global, shop local’ philosophy, Urban Foodie lets you find and share quick and easy recipes, meet other London foodies, get recommendations for dinner out and find out what’s in season. Not just for the grown-ups, there’s even a section for discerning food loving babies and the vegetarian options are plentiful.

If your passion for food means you want to share what you just had for lunch, then log on to the forum and tell the world from there. All this is just the tip of the iceberg (lettuce); more exciting developments for 2010 include an evolved recipe finder, podcasts, an iphone app and a local smallholder shop - making Urban Foodie the ultimate foodie friend.

Find a taster recipe after the jump:

Here’s a delicious quick and easy pasta dish. Nomnomnom…

Linguine with herbed ricotta

Serves 2

200-250g linguine, Basil, Rocket/watercress (whichever is in season), Mint, Chives, Small tub ricotta (150-200g), 1 Lemon, Olive Oil, S&P

1. Put pasta on to boil in big pan of salted boiling water, cook according to packet

2. Whilst pasta is cooking get a couple of big handfuls of rocket/watercress, a small handful each of basil, mint and chives and chop up together

3. Fold the chopped herbs into the ricotta, loosen with the juice of half the lemon and a big glug of olive oil

4. Season with salt and pepper

5. Drain the cooked pasta briefly, leaving it damp, and fold in the ricotta mix before serving with a nice light red or rounded white wine

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