Quenching London's Thirst

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Quenching London's Thirst

0410.fountain.jpg Londonist is a sucker as much as the next city dweller. Drink more water, they've been telling us for years: and so we do, bottles and bottles of the stuff. In spite of repeated assurances by Thames Water of the quality of their tapped product. The triumph of marketing over common sense. You gotta admit, £1.49 for 500ml of Turkey's finest is wrong on so many counts. And who's to say it's any more legit than Peckham Spring Water?

Well, it looks as if it just got a bit easier to slake your thirst while out and about in London. Following the erection in Hyde Park last week of London's first new drinking fountain for thirty years, it has been announced that two trial filling stations are to be created at Hammersmith Bus Garage and Tower Bridge Museum. The idea with the Hydrachill system is that you fill up your own bottle from a machine. The 20p proposed cost gets pumped back into Waste Watch, a charity which looks at ways of minimising waste. This is cool. We could work with this. Drinking fountains are a great idea until you see how some people more or less snog the spouts: kinda puts you off. These filling stations sound a tad more hygienic. Guess we'll just have to suck it and see.


Last Updated 04 October 2009