Pathe Stock Footage of Old London (Part 4)

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Pathe Stock Footage of Old London (Part 4)

The old Mirror building on Holborn Circus, now the site of Sainsbury's very different glass offices.

Back when the world was young, and everyone thought the word 'bloomers' was a bit naughty, the Pathé company pointed its cameras at scenes both momentous and workaday. Much of their video archive is now online. We're gradually trawling through it for nuggets of pure London gold, and here present our fourth ingot.

Nazi salutes in front of the Houses of Parliament, as Oswald Moseley and the British Union of Fascists go on a march in the 1930s. We predict a riot.

Shots of Berwick Street Market, from the days when a camera crew in Soho was a novelty (looks like the 1930s, but no date is given). Note the Lyons coffee house on the corner, and the Blue Posts pub, which survives.

The Croydon train crash of 1937, in which over 30 people died.

A huge bomb crater outside Foyles on Charing Cross Road is covered by a temporary bridge. Look carefully into the crater and you can see what looks like a large tunnel just below street level.

A similar hole in Balham was bad news for for a double-decker bus.

A tour of the City from 1960 shows off London's new multistorey buildings, many of which have since been demolished. Note also the huge number of dock cranes along the river.

A journey upriver in 1970 reveals many familiar sights in an unfamiliar light. There's London Bridge, but the stumps of its predecessor are still being dismantled, familiar yet derelict wharves await gentrification, and is that smoke coming out of Tate Modern's chimney?

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