Morris Men Celebrate The Return Of GMT

By Lindsey Last edited 113 months ago
Morris Men Celebrate The Return Of GMT


It was a beautiful autumn day with a whole extra hour to enjoy so we tromped out across Hampstead Heath then headed for a jolly hostelry for a Sunday bev or two. Seems we weren't the only ones out celebrating the return of GMT. These tweedy morris men converged on the Flask for a couple of pints before breaking into jigs with plenty of stick slapping, knee bells and skipping action. They claimed they only do it once a year when the clocks go back and we wouldn't be surprised if they were doing an entire NW3 pub crawl with their frolics, given their cloth cap in hand collection was for 'the welfare of the dancers'. Props for breaking out the beards, cords and accordians for the Hampstead set and a singalong rendition of 'My friend Billy's got a ten foot willy' OI!

Last Updated 25 October 2009