Lorry Drivers And Cyclists: Exchanging Places

By Lindsey Last edited 103 months ago
Lorry Drivers And Cyclists: Exchanging Places

Bozza's latest brainwave to improve safety relations twixt lorry drivers and cyclists is to put them in each other's places. His new cycle safety strategy enhances HGV driver training with mandatory cycle safety awareness and gives cyclists opportunities to sit in a lorry cab at special 'Exchanging Places' events in order to appreciate the elevated truck driving perspective. We'd go solely to honk the big horn. Bet Boris wants to too.

The strategy also builds on the trial scheme to give HGVs "safety lenses" to enable them to spot cyclists easier and invests in other innovations. Money will also be spent encouraging people to take free cycle training with Transport for London, particularly with our bike hire scheme an ever more imminent reality.

And here's our contribution to lorry driver cyclist mutual understanding: links to posts on the life of a lorry driver and word up from London Cyclist.

Last Updated 24 October 2009

Manx Warrior

why does everything revolve around london? It is not just cyclists that have to be aware of the dangers we truck drivers have to remember daily, it`s everyone from children to motorists throughout the UK!!!
  The DSA is drafting a new highway code to enhance the dangers that people should be aware of when getting close to trucks.  It`s quite simple, stay away from a moving truck it`s lethal.
Motorists should have to do a refresher course to highlight things like this, just like we truck drivers have to do every year (driver CPC)   2-3 seconds is all it takes to be seriously hurt, a truck driver can not look in their mirrors all the time whilst controlling a truck.