London's Newest Suburb: Ashford

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London's Newest Suburb: Ashford
All aboard the Javelin! Just us?
A very handsome high street
The Church, which is subject to a local campaign for it's restoration.
The Church, which is subject to a local campaign for it's restoration.
Tourist information was sadly closed when we arrived
No river problems on this map
37 minutes later...
A rather excellent World War One tank
Avenue Jacques Faucheux, formerly Romney Marsh Road, named after the former mayor of Ashford’s French twin town Fougeres.
The designer outlet: a Richard Rodgers designed mega mall that sucks in the crowds, leaving the pretty Ashford town centre very quiet on a Sunday.
Back to St Pancras at 140mph
A busy train returns Londoners from their day out in the Garden of England.
Ashford: Where 19th century neglect meets 20th century neglect.
Continental touches abound at the gateway to France.
Continental touches abound at the gateway to France.
Making Ashford best placed in the UK...

37 minutes from Kings Cross St Pancras is London's newest suburb: the Kentish Town of Ashford. South Eastern High Speed weekend services have now begun and we set off through Sunday's drizzle to inspect the latest addition to the commuter belt.

Ashford is a town of two halves. Two halves that have been unfortunately divided by an international railway line, a dual carriageway and some rather unattractive mid century office buildings. No matter, for once you negotiate your way safely from station to centre de ville it's plainly a very attractive country town, albeit one with some rather poorly conceived millennial additions.

Welcome to the suburbs, Ashford; Zone 10 never felt so close.

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But what about the pubs...?


I moved from Ashford to London in 2006. Many years ago I used to commute to work in King's Cross - it took me 2h15 door to door. Time the trains right now and I could do it in 1 hour flat.

Stunt Girl - the pubs are nothing to write home about. When the best on offer is a Wetherspoons pub, it says it all, really.

I despised living in Ashford growing up, but to be fair, it is up-and-coming. It's improved greatly since the Channel Tunnel link opened, with more for teens and 20-somethings to do. Housing is also quite affordable, and the new rail link is well-priced (although the entire network is overpriced so it's all relative).

Nice to see some shots of the old hometown on Londonist though.