Londonist Stays In: 26 Oct-1 Nov

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Londonist Stays In: 26 Oct-1 Nov


Bringing you the most Londony shows on TV and radio over the coming week.


Inside Out (BBC1, 19.30-20.00) Weekend Tube closures are a bitch, but is there an alternative? Also, will the Olympics really leave a positive legacy?

Restaurant In Your Home (BBC2, 20.30-21.00) The curious new fad of turning your home into an underground restaurant is exemplified by a 20-seater eatery in a Hackney flat.

The Gadget Show (FIVE, 20.00-21.00) The team visit London's latest tourist horror attraction, the Pasaje Del Terror in the Trocadero.


Grimefighters (ITV1, 19.30-20.00) A Dagenham rat infestation and some West End unpleasantness.

Afternoon Play: Dickens Confidential (Radio 4, 14.15-15.00) Crime drama told through the eyes of newspaper editor Charles Dickens.


Art Deco Icons (BBC4, 20.30-21.00) A history of 55 Broadway, once London's tallest office building, and the controversial headquarters of London's transport peeps.


Omnibus (BBC4, 21.45-22.45) Profile of Soho saxmeister Ronnie Scott.


Oliver! (Five, 16.10-18.55) Classic musical adaptation of the Dickens favourite. Consider yourself...singing along.

Time Team (C4, 17.30-18.30) Tony and the team dig up Shooter's Hill in the hunt for secret bunkers and other WWII leftovers.

Garrow's Law: Tales From The Old Bailey (BBC1, 21.00-22.00) New drama set in 18th Century London, where justice often meant a trip to Tyburn Tree.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (ITV1, 22.15-00.20) Guy Ritchie's breakthrough film concerning the London underworld.

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