London Lite To Close

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 103 months ago
London Lite To Close

Image / Jon Smalldon
Barely three years after it began, London's afternoon freesheet war has ended: in a not unsurprising move, Associated Newspapers have announced that they are to close the London Lite. Launched in 2006 as a spoiler to News International's The London Paper, the demise of its erstwhile rival meant that the rag's raison d'etre had effectively vanished; the Evening Standard's recent switch to freesheet further eroded the Lite's usefulness, as the latter pinched much of its copy from the former. The closure of another newspaper means a fresh glut of journos and distributors will be flung onto an already barren job market, though any hack worth his or her NCTJ certificate will have already sniffed which way the wind was blowing and begun hunting for a new position.

Last Updated 27 October 2009


And with the Associate Newspapers plan nearly complete, we're almost full circle. London paper gone. London Lite vanishes.

Next up, Evening Standard starts charging again. Cue a new cheeky upstart launching a free evening paper.


I felt sorry for the distributors tasked with offloading the rag to an stony faced commuter public and now I feel sorry for them losing their jobs. That image says it all really.


And another one bites the dust, leaving one morning and one mid day/evening free paper. Really back to the days of Metro and The London Paper.

Even so, the loss of any paper is bad news for those involved. More so in this current climate.

I agree with Lindseys view of the stony faced commuter. I always give a smile and a thanks to the distributor and get more of a surprised smile back than a 'real one'.

Although I have found the Evening Standard distributors a cheary bunch, manybe because they are new to the job and not hardened like the London Lite distributors.