"London Has Been Ethnically Cleansed"

Dean Nicholas
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"London Has Been Ethnically Cleansed"

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"A lynch mob", was how Nick Griffin described his treatment by the audience on Question Time last night. After his attempt to defend the "non-violent" Ku Klux Klan during the broadcast, his cliche was particularly appropriate.

Waking up to a chorus of media ridicule over his controversial appearance on the show — in which, far from the calculting demagogue many feared, the BNP leader came across as confused, nervous, and thoroughly insincere — Griffin has emerged fighting. He will lodge an official complaint with the BBC over his "unfair" treatment, though his bile is directed chiefly at the members of the crowd who peppered him with boos and discomfiting quesions.

For a man who declares that he's not "obsessed by race", the racial make-up of the audience clearly unnerved him. In an extraordinary outburst this morning, a grumpy Griffin described London as "dominated by ethnic minorities" and people who were "not British", with the real population having long been "ethnically cleansed".

The response from Boris Johnson has been swift. Tempering his normal rhetorical curlicues, the Mayor said:

""Nick Griffin is right to say London is not his city. London is a welcoming, tolerant, cosmopolitan capital which thrives on its diversity... The BNP has no place here and I again urge Londoners to reject their narrow, extremist and offensive views at every opportunity."

So will Griffin get another chance to squirm and sweat under the media's wide spotlight? The Beeb's ratings alone might encourage them to let him prepare his own petard for self-hoisting once more: 8 million viewers tuned into the show last night, the highest in the programme's history. Who says we're an apolitical nation?

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I hope this does good to British people.

Tim A

Griffin (and his minders) were appalling and the BNP represents everything I despise.

But other panel members were disasters: Bonnie Greer was completely vacuous, and (as the Sunday Times exposed) completely inaccurate; Jack Straw was astonishingly inarticulate for someone in his position and seemed to be trotting out pre-prepared gobbets of political correctness; only the Lib Dem and Tory representatives seemed to have any credibility.

The BNP (and in my view UKIP) are loathsome; but the reason they have gained ground is that neither political party has risked the political fallout of saying that we NEED immigration if our future pensions are to be paid for; and then setting about dealing with the real problems (e.g. in housing) that immigration has exacerbated. We need honest debate about immigration and other sensitive issues - and I write as someone with a non-Caucasian partner, frustrated by the failure of government to make the positive case for diversity (and EU membership, come to that ... ).

vermilion J

Nick Griffin is correct. London has been taken over by foreigners. Every single district, bar none. And your right-on, supercilious abuse of anyone who speaks up about that fact does not make that fact any less true.