Happy Birthday Hello Kitty

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Happy Birthday Hello Kitty

Kitty.jpg Now why are we wishing the blank-faced feline warm birthday wishes? Because Hello Kitty is 35 on Sunday... and Hello Kitty is a Londoner. Hands up who didn't know this... so that's everyone then.

In terms of feline London credibility, the cat with the bow and a lucrative international brand totally beats Dick Whittington's kitty. Creator Yuko Yamaguchi gave Hello Kitty her London background in order to differentiate her from the other Sanrio characters who were mostly hailing from the U.S and also to make the most of Japan's appetite for all things British inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

Ironically, Hello Kitty sums up all the pastel-coloured cuteness of Japanese whimsy, her mute face peering out from keyrings, crockery, handbags, mobile phone accessories etc etc operating as shorthand for "Japanese" wherever it is spotted. Still, she's one of us, and we wish her a happy birthday. May she continue to enjoy London life with her parents and her sister Mimmy, unmarried and happily travelling, shopping, cooking and sticking her face on things for a hefty mark-up.

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Last Updated 30 October 2009