Gaddafi Apologises For WPC Fletcher Killing

Dean Nicholas
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Gaddafi Apologises For WPC Fletcher Killing

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Libyan leader Muammur al-Gaddafi used the unusual diplomatic channel of a Sky News interview to offer a nuanced apology for the death of WPC Yvonne Fletcher, killed by gunfire from within the Libyan embassy in 1984 as she policed a protest at the St James Square address. However, Gaddafi stressed that the identity of her killer remained a mystery, a point disputed by investigators who, in a secret 2007 report, outlined the evidence that Libya had conspired to protect the two men responsible. Still, as far as UK PLC goes, this disingenuous "apology" will probably enough to ease through more trade with Libya. If only the Scots would stop poking around the Lockerbie case...

Last Updated 26 October 2009